Sep 11, 2008

How to run a NES emulator on the PS2 and PSX

Already reported here how to run emulators for SNES Mega Drive and the PS2. Now show how to play NES, or our acquaintance "Nintendinho" (as incarnated in Brazil in various clones, with various names - including the current "Polystation").

The program emulating the NES responsible for the PS2 is the "It Might Be Nes" or simply "imbNES." Unlike emulators for SNES and Mega Drive, the imbNES was done for the first Playstation (PSX PSOne or, to call you like), and of course, so it can be turned on the PS2 (released, of course).

But finally, let the step-by-step.
Mounting the CD
On page, download the following files:
The emulator: imbnesv1.3.2 (or later, if any)
Program Rombank: rombank v1.6.3
Unpack the files of the emulator in a temporary folder.
Run the program rombank.exe. Unlike the other emulators that I already mentioned, the ROMS are not recorded directly on the CD, they are all united in a file and this is going to the CD.
Click the button and select the ROMS you want on the CD. You can get the NES ROMS at
Order ROMs on the way suits you. You can click on the button to sort alphabetically.
Ending the sorting, click the button To generate the ISO image of the CD. Clicking on this button, the CD will not be created. Only the image, which can be recorded by any program (like Nero, for example).
Record the image generated by rombank.exe on a CD.
Users of Linux

The assembly requires that emulator to run utilities that run only on Windows platform, then it is not possible by normal means perform these steps on the Linux platform. I tried to run in Wine (version 1.0 of Kubuntu 8.04) but did not work. If you try other versions, you should also get the library mfc42.dll and save the same directory as the rombank.exe, because he needs this DLL.

If the CD generated work, you just have to know that:
Directional: moving the list of games
L1 and R1: previous page and next, respectively
L1 + R1: go to the middle of the list
Triangle: menu of options
Start: play the game selected
L1 + R1 + Start + Select: exit the game and return to the list

Possibly Frequently Asked Questions
I can not write the games on the Playstation 2 memory card. Why?
Because the imbNES was developed for the PSOne. Like any other game for PSOne, you must use a memory card to record the PSOne, and not the regular PS2 memory card. In addition, he must be in slot 1.
How do I save states in the middle of the game?
Apparently, the emulator does not have this feature. Only you can save the game in a few rounds of the season that they had any rescue, and when you play again, then that point, not the exact point as the emulators that have the responsibility to "save state".
When you try to exit the game the emulator detect that the SRAM has been amended and asked if you want to save the SRAM or discard. Answer that want to save, recalling that should be in the PSOne memory card slot and 1.

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